• Separable Markov Random Field (SMuRF)

    Separable Markov Random Field ("SMuRF")

    Multiple latent state sequences-at different temporal scales-govern the multidimensional dynamics of the observations.

  • Multi-scale neural dynamics

    In an electrophysiology experiment, neurons recorded exhibit dynamics within and across the trials of the experiment.

  • Multi-scale Tweeting dynamics

    The behavior of users on social media exhibits dynamics during the day and across days.

  • Multi-scale dynamics of learning in monkeys.

    A monkey learning a sequence of tasks across several days exhibits within and cross-day learning dynamics.

  • Block Diagram of CRsAE

    Constraint Recurrent Sparse Auto-Encoder ("CRsAE")

    An auto-encoder architecture for learning a convolutional dictionary (H), with applications to blind source separation.